Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Evening

As I'm typing this post we're at my parents' house. Bobby is downstairs with Bob, Papa and Aunt Aubrey (whose name comes out something like "Aubra" but close enough) playing with something that clinks like glass, but I'm sure it isn't. I brought along some knitting since I can usually snag some time in between his rounds with other more interesting people he doesn't see everyday.

Sure enough I was able to finish the next step on my mom's Christmas stocking. Upside: it's done and done pretty well if I say so myself. Downside: it was only one row, took a while, but was finished within 30 minutes of me actually sitting down to do it and I left the rest of the directions at home. ARGH!

Somewhere in trying to remember the pecan pie, potatoes, salad, drinks, Bobby's monitor, chair, diapers (had to restock the bag, something about all books and no diapers) my computer bag (thought I'd try to get some novel writing done, hasn't happened), extra yarn in case I finished the stocking (hopeful thinking there) and other stuff I can't remember that meant I had to make three trips in from the car I forgot the pattern. Go figure...

It did mean, though, that I was able to look through the stitch dictionaries I did remember and try swatching for the vest I'd like to make Bobby for Christmas. It's a blue sport weight yarn that Bobby picked out himself. Completely honest, we went into the store walked up to the display of Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport and he picked it out. Then, he picked another skein of the same color, then again. He also carries it around whenever he finds it in my yarn reorganizing moments and carried it around all this morning as I tried to pack our stuff. So, really, he likes it.

I'd like to do some sort of cabled vest, but the pattern I picked out was vetoed by the fact that it would probably have encircled my little boy's underweight chest. Twice. Okay, that's a little bit hyperbolic, but it was a bit much. Even I had to admit it after I really looked at it and figured out rough gauge sizes. But I do love it and will be knitting something with it at some point in my life!

I swatched with a different stitch pattern that's nice, but I don't think it's going to work. Can't say why exactly, but it just isn't speaking to me. The fact that it's yarn and shouldn't be speaking is beside the point. So back to the drawing board. And also back to the family. Bobby has moved on to begging whipped cream off people's pie.

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