Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and quiet and peaceful. Bobby is going to bed, we had a great time with the first family we are seeing, and we're ready and looking forward to tomorrow. Today was quiet (perhaps even a tad lonely) when Bob took Bobby with him on his "covert operations," and left me at the house to get things finished. They were gone for most of the day, but seemed in very good spirits when they returned.

I finished Bobby's stocking. So now there's a place for his new socks to go. (I think it's wonderful and funny to put socks in a Christmas stocking.) Yes one is a bit bigger than the other. He tried them on as I went and that one was done first...

He mastered both of the puzzles he received that are marked for ages 3 and up. Bob and I noticed that almost everything we thought he would dig was supposedly too old for him. Now, I'm going to ignore most of those.

Tonight we're going to finish wrapping a few presents, and I'm going to relax with my feet in warm water and knit on the hard-and-oh-so-fun socks I'm loving!

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