Monday, December 21, 2009

Counting Down

I had a to-do list. It was broken down into days and those were broken down into while Bobby was awake and while Bobby was asleep times. Yeah. I made that list while I was pretty rested, done with grades early, no big plans for the four weekdays before Christmas and a manageably small list of things to finish. Then I went and changed part of it. I wanted Bobby's vest to be moved up on the list, we spent a bunch of Saturday out and about, and then on Saturday night I ended up sobbing on the couch after throwing his vest (sans ribbing) into the middle of the living room floor in despair. My eyes were crossing while I picked up the stitches from the provisional cast-on and I knew there was no way I'd get it done in time. I had moved up the deadline and, well, it killed me. (I think that's where they get their name...)

I have moved on with the list, but despaired again when I realized that there's a knitter out there that took 5 months to knit the pair of socks I planned on knitting in 3 days. I started on Sunday morning and am on the foot now. I don't think it will take me 5 months; I do think that the recipient may get one sock and an IOU. That seems to be in vogue these days.

Today I managed to finish what I think is the last of my Christmas shopping, though I never really feel secure about it until the gift is wrapped and under the tree (and, Bobby makes that a bit hazardous). And tomorrow we don't have (that I know of) any plans. So I'm hoping to finish the sock and get at least one sewing present done. Ideally I'll get two sewing presents done, but I don't want to pressure myself too much.

Bobby's vest is now a New Year's vest. And, after Christmas, then I'm going to knit all of the other things I've been thinking about while I get through the things I need to finish. Sweaters for the two men in my life and then one for the little girl coming our way!

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