Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Don't Teach Rocket Science

I had a really funny conversation with a parent today when I was asked, very seriously, and for good reason, whether or not I teach rocket science. The answer to that, is certainly, "no." And my internal response is, "What do you teach in rocket science?"

I think it's an actual science elective, whether it's at my school or Bob's, I'm not sure. But I am positive I've laughed about it with Bob. I mean, come on, how is it not funny?

While it sometimes feels that way, but really isn't, rocket science, I do seem to knit a lot lately. I think I've been bitten by the holiday knitting bug. I've been working on my striped scarf whenever I'm in the car or need easy knitting and I do like it though I wish I had picked skeins that had more differences than similarities. Oh well, and there's more at the store. I saw it and touched it, and only Bobby being fussy meant I left without any. The other option was too irresponsible and would have meant major damage to the budget. Here is where I was before errands tonight. Now I'm almost done with the first two skeins.

And, Bobby loves the new socks I'm knitting him. He keeps asking to try it on, which while it takes away from actual time to knit them, is awfully cute of him. I'm thinking I'll be done with the heel of the first one tonight and then be able to finish it tomorrow. He does have two cute feet that need socks. He helped Bob take this picture of them to prove it. Again, colorwork, I love you.

I'm also hoping to start a new pair of socks that I cannot explain further for reasons of gift-giving privacy (meaning I want them to be a surprise if they're finished and not a disappointment if they're not). I will say this though, they're about as close to rocket science as I care to get.


Anonymous said...

This little piggy...
Love both the scarf and the sock. Why were you being asked about rocket science? Weird


RitaLee said...

I love the picture of Bobby's feet! The new sock looks gorgeous!

Arctic Knitter said...

Great scarf! Thanks for stopping by today - I'm thinking perhaps I need to knit another one. Great socks too!