Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lacy Little Knits

My little girl will be swathed in pink and lace knitting during her first few days. I thoroughly enjoy the blues and browns and greens and tans and bright oranges and reds that Bobby digs and that are available for the little boys out there. I'm also not into forcing gender preferences on people. Some boys like pink and some girls don't. And, if there is any color that is a lightening rod for the gender debates it's pink. If she hates pink as she grows older so be it; that's cool.

But I like pink. And so while she has no say (that is recognizably English and not easily explained by hunger) she will wear pink. Because she is a girl and when they first are out and about all babies look the same, but no one ever thinks a baby in pink is a boy. Babies in brown, yellow, green, and even soft baby blue might be girls or boys; but with pink there is no doubt.

I have pink yarn: Wool, 50% wool/50% alpaca, and 70% wool/30% silk (apparently a discontinued color in this yarn, lucky me!). With these yarns I am planning many things:
  • a pair of pants
  • a striped bonnet (this one says Jane Austen to me) or hat (this would match the sweater below and doesn't have the tie which worries me a bit)
  • a lacy sweater I'm thinking either this one or this one
  • in addition to the obligatory (and oh-so-sweet) Zimmermann February Sweater (I was a little sad when I couldn't figure out a way to rationalize this for Bobby)
  • a kimono style sweater (really wish I had known about those when Bobby was little).
  • a little pair of booties, because you have to knit babies booties (and these, on the right side of the page, are adorable)
  • She'll probably also need one of these little dresses at some point

While looking at these I came across a few things that I'm sure Bobby will need as well. (Emphasis on need for both of these lists)
As I was looking I realized that there are a lot more things out there to knit for little girls than there are for boys. It's interesting and too bad, really. But at least he'll have his bright socks (alright there's only one right now, but the other will be along shortly, I'm sure). And he seems pretty content with those.

So, long lists short: we're having a baby girl; her name is Virginia (though not legally, something about being born first...); she looked beautiful today (though rather skeletal, grainy, and black and white); and we'll get the fuller scoop in the prenatal appointment tomorrow. She's theoretically coming in mid-May and her name will be long because we have a few female names to get in there (she'll have a couple middle names) and who knows (given my husband's family's disproportionate male to female ratio) if we'll ever get another chance!


Lisa said...

YAY!!!!!!!! Virginia Vandergriff! I LOVE IT!

Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

YAY!!! I love Virginia! And I love being able to call her by name :)

bethc said...

Congratulations! You will have to bring her to visit me at some point since I live in Virginia!!

RitaLee said...


Sally said...

Yea!! Finally a girl!! :) I'm sure you are pretty excited...

It is going to be hard for me to resist certain things at work...

Arctic Knitter said...

Hooray & congratulations! You'll love the booties - fun & quick to knit, yet the cutest baby things ever! Enjoy the much deserved break!