Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh So Close

I have one assignment left to grade. It's the final for my writing class and I only have one page of the objective portion and then their short essays and I'm done. I'll be free from grading for two whole weeks. I am so excited that we have almost a full week before Christmas. We'll be able to rest, enjoy time with friends and family, and get stuff done!

I scaled back my Christmas gift making endeavors a great deal this year, and though I have a lot to do in a little bit of time, I'm hopeful that with good planning and efficient use of time I'll be able to get them all finished a few days before Christmas and still be able to enjoy the time! I need to knit while we're out and about in the car, do the sewing at night after Bobby is in bed, and get a few hours during the day for the quilting portions of a few projects. I have it all organized and easily accessible so I theoretically won't spend a bunch of time getting things out and ready (or finding them).

I think it will work.

I may even be able to add in one or two more... maybe.

As long as I don't start a lacy, pink sweater...

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