Saturday, December 5, 2009

Revising the Vest

So I swatched in color work and the width is just about right on. The length, however, is not. I'm pretty sure that the shirtdress went out in the 80's and is now only acceptable (according to marketers, that is, I'm not really sold on them) on super-skinny high school girls. So, with that in mind, the vest back that I have knit which, when held to his his back, unblocked and without edging of any sort reached below his cute little toosh, I knew I had problem.

Bobby is wonderfully helpful and held it at his shoulders while I counted rows and figured out where, really, I'll start the armholes and how long it should be. It will change the design, and so I'm holding on to the original pattern and the back that's already knit, but rework the stitch patterns to fit into the smaller size. After all, Christmas comes around every year and little children eventually get bigger. How great would it be, this time next year to discover a half finished vest with the yarn and pattern for the rest? Pretty great, I think. I'm going to ignore the possibilities of changing tastes and opinions from myself or the little recipient.

So, I've got a new bottom pattern worked out. I'm also going to knit it in the round from the bottom to the armholes. Then I'll only have to seam the shoulders. All of that was okayed by a wonderful knitter I know. I had thought about it, but I always worry I don't know enough and that there is some deep, secret reason the things are knit flat and then seamed. But she mentioned it without prompting of any kind. And she knits. A lot. So, I'm pretty confident it'll work out! I'm hoping to finish bottom half of this vest by the end of the weekend. It has less rows, doesn't require me to purl (which I do more slowly when I'm stranding) and (by virtue of not needing to purl) lets me see the right side the whole time so I'm hoping to avoid the couple of color mistakes I made that had to be taken out and redone. I still think it's going to be great, if different from how it started.

Last night, though, because I have misplaced the needles I need, I spun while Bob and I watched TV. It was fun, but the fiber had a good bit of vegetable matter in it and several long guard hairs. When I had finished it my pants were covered with little bits of grossness. And, the finished single doesn't look so hot. It's kind of, I don't know, dirty. So, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. We'll see. It's too bad. The gray that I spun with first is gorgeous. I hate to not use that.

In Bobby news: his appetite has gotten so much better. I think that hearing from the dietician that he needed to eat more spurred some sort of change in him. He'll suddenly do more than pick at his food. And, in his efforts to perpetually make me a liar and trick me into thinking I understand him in any way, he started eating meat after that visit where I explained the various kinds of meat we had tried and that he point blank refused. Now he'll eat pepperoni while I'm making pizza (though not after it's on the pizza), he'll have breakfast sausage, taco meat, chicken strips, beef from stew and (much to my chagrin) bites of McDonald's quarter pounder with cheese. He also likes snacking on pecans and dried cranberries, he drinks milk like crazy. And, he'll actually ask for food now, instead of us trying to foist it on him. He's suddenly decided that anything and everything is open to him food-wise. It's great. I'm hoping that at our next visit he'll actually be on the growth curve. I don't care if it's down on the 5th percentile, I just want him on the chart. Even brushing the bottom line will make me happy.

I just don't want him to pork out too much before this vest is done.

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