Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Things I Learned Recently

1. Edgar Allan Poe may have had a chimney, because while Bobby and I were napping there definitely came some rapping and tapping in our house. There was a bird (I'm certain of it" in our chimney. I never knew that could happen and it totally freaked me out.

2. I need to vacuum under Bobby's crib more, because it builds character he likes to push things underneath it and then shimmy under it to retrieve them. The dust bunnies might eat him if I don't take care of that. Now that I think about it, they may have already eaten his pig and sheep puzzle pieces.

3. I should give more tests. The quiet time while students take them is grading-time gold. The key here is to make the test easy to understand so they don't have too many questions and easy to grade, otherwise it defeats the purpose. (It also helps if one stack of grading is just make-up work.)

4. I always thought that I was just a messy person when it came to closets and clothes, but all I've really needed was an amazing closet organization system. Ever since ours was put in I've been putting clothes away and there was even one morning when I picked up a pair of Bob's socks, instead of the other way around (we need to give the folks that know Bob pretty well a moment to recover, here...). Weirdest moment of my day so far (it was 5 in the morning so not too much competition, but funny enough for me to tell him about it in the car on the way to work). Only the crazy cost is stopping me from even thinking about the craft room possibilities here.

5. I need a regular yarn budget, even if it's $20/month. Then at least I'd have a limit and a release-valve. The alternative is no yarn for a month and then a $232 yarn binge. (In my defense I ended up with at least $400 worth of yarn so it was all a good deal. And most of it is for knitting for other people, so do I get points there?)

6. I like to knit and it's likely going to take over creep into the living room. Going with the earlier organization lesson I found a basket to put my current projects in, instead of on the couches and tables. The basket may need to be bigger.

Those are the recent lessons and realizations; I'm sure more will be coming.

Tomorrow (well, I suppose now it's today) Bobby and I both have ultrasounds. His is for his kidney, just to make sure it's chugging along as it should. Mine is for the baby, make sure s/he is growing as s/he should and to find out whether we're having a she or a he! Hopefully anyway. It's probably the only time a parent hopes their child is at least a little into exposing themselves.


Sally said...

Where did you find a yarn sale and not tell me??!? :) Hope all goes well today... and you will have to tell us the results!

Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

LOVED this post :D Can't wait to hear!