Monday, December 7, 2009

Where to Begin

Our friends are leaving. I am in denial. Instead of talking about how much they mean to me or how much I will miss them both, I am going to talk about knitting and Bobby. Things that are staying here for the time being.

I have finished the bottom half of Bobby's new vest. It is long enough for decency, short enough to avert laughter. I am going to start the front and back after consulting with my knitting guru. In the meantime I am working on one of those noro striped scarves. Always thought they were pretty, always thought other knitters were crazy for buying that stiff, itchy yarn. Then an event involving a sale, unexpected cash, weak self-control, new shipments, and peer pressure resulted in 4 skeins of it finding its way to my house.

I started it yesterday and was first struck by how the yarn, while stiff in the skein, is quite nice in the knitting. And that the scarf is also equally soft. I had planned to pass it on to someone in a box, wrapped for Christmas. Now, it will probably end up wrapped around my neck instead. The stripes feed that incessant one more (or in this case two more) row syndrome. And the colors are quite nice. Quite nice indeed. I am a little disappointed in one spot where the two skeins match a bit and so you lose the striping, but live and learn. And, buy it more, and knit another one. I'm thinking that perhaps some entrelac, or diagonal something-er-other is called for. I'd like to do more with this yarn. Who knew?

And, Bobby's favorite socks are the ones I knit him for Sock Summit. Seriously he wouldn't wear any others today, so I plan to put some hot glue, or puffy paint on the bottom so he can wear them safely around the house. I'm also thinking he could use a new pair for Christmas, so he has more options. I have plenty of leftover yarn for it. Benefits of small feet, I suppose.

He had a fever today (maybe that's why he wanted his really nice, comfy socks). I stayed home with him and am going to do the same tomorrow. Hopefully then we'll know why he has a fever. That's the worrisome part for me. He's not coughing (except when he ate too much pizza too fast, I really didn't feel like cooking) and doesn't have a runny nose except when he's very upset and crying. He's just fussy and hot. The pediatrician wasn't sure, and said to watch him for a couple of days. Poor boy is usually so happy it's terrible to see him sick.

I've started being able to feel the new little one move. Not all the time, though if Bobby set any sort of trend, that time is coming. It's so nice to know s/he is still kicking around in there between prenatal visits when we hear the heart beat.

That's it for now. Hopefully in a few days I'll be able to say that he's all better, that the scarf and vest are done, and that through a strange series of events that left everyone happy, the capital of Spain moved to Alaska.

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Arctic Knitter said...

Enjoy the scarf - I knit one last year & *love* it!! Are you using the silk garden? It's down in my classroom (S7) if you ever want to take a peek.