Monday, January 25, 2010

Close Enough

It's not the weekend anymore, but I have pictures. They were taken this weekend (mostly) and I just didn't get downstairs to download and post them. To start with, I think I have "startitis." I have plenty that needs finishing:
Buttons on two baby sweaters
neckband on Bobby's sweater
Ribbing, armholes, and neckband on Bobby's vest

And, I have plenty to work on that I enjoy and am really looking forward to having as finished objects:
Cardigan for Bobby
Socks for Bob
Scarf for me
Hat for me

But, I just can't seem to resist starting new things:
Such as this February Sweater for Ginny
Or the most recent sock club shipment from Knit Purl. (The colorway is called Sunflower IPA, and while I've never been much of a drinker, this really does it for me. The pattern sent me searching for the designer on Ravelry and I now have a huge knitter-crush on Stephanie van der Linden and have decided I need to learn knitting German.)

It's bad. My kniting basket (the embassy in the living room) is too full. The yarn runneth over (and the needles, and the notions, and the patterns, and the project bags).

But, on the upside, when I do finally sit myself down and finish all of these I am going to look like one prolific knitter!


Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

everything looks fantastic!! So many great colors too!

Holly Jo said...

I see a potential pattern....finish something, start something, finish something, start something. :) Bobby's sweater WILL be very cute. MHO...start there.