Saturday, January 2, 2010

Easy Part First

This year (at least the first wo days of it) seems to be about organization for a lot of people. I've noticed a good bit of talk on Ravelry and in day-to-day conversations about downsizing, getting things together, finishing things that have stagnated, cleaning up, and putting away. I'm no different. I'm very interested in having a more peaceful looking house. (By that I mean one where the yarn is at least contained, the fabric isn't spread across the couches, and the floor gets vacuumed more regularly because I can push the vacuum around without pushing everything on the floor around with it.) And, that combined with my desire to finish more knitting projects means that I'm often going to have knitting up in the living room. That's generally a recipe for disaster.

When Bob and I moved into our house we were showing someone around. They asked, after seeing the craft room, how I, "managed to get an entire room of the house to myself. Where was Bob's room?" My snappy response, three hours later, was that by giving up this room, Bob was getting back the rest of the house. There will be times, despite my best efforts, when two or more of our three couches are unable to be sat in because they have fabric and yarn strewn about them. (I also need to start capping my needles more regularly, because Bobby is enthusiastic in his climbing onto these loaded couches.) In our old place there would be weeks (and even a few months) where meals were eaten on little corners of the table because my sewing machine had set up camp, dug trenches, and wasn't about to go anywhere.

Now, though, I have a place for it. That room keeps everything from migrating upstairs. It does get lonely sometimes though, and fabric, books, patterns, yarn, and rulers will occasionally pop up. But Bob and I both know where it should be, and so either of us can get it back into its room.

If, though I have a few places upstairs where knitting can be, then it may be difficult to stop it from spreading. The strands of yarn start reaching out like tentacles and grab on, pulling itself out bit by bit until one day you come home and realize your project basket is empty, and that throw pillow is not a pillow at all. The needles start turning up between couch cushions, and patterns find their way into your mail pile. It is a slippery slope, and I'm aware of it. But I also know that I won't be nearly as efficient or productive with my time if I don't keep my knitting accessible.

My solution is a storage tote, in the bookshelf, with enough space for books and patterns next to it. I have two more for the bedroom (when company is around) and have the yarn in them for my next projects. I'm hopeful. It's giving up ground, and before you know it, that craft room may have completed the job on the downstairs and started it's full assault on the upstairs, but I'm hoping this is more like an embassy. That this way I can keep the lines of communication open with my knitting. It can let me know if it might need a little more space, and I can tell it when my family is lost and it needs to give them back.

So the easy part is done, I'm more organized and have a plan. We'll see how well it goes.

Small testament to my success so far: I'm almost done with Bobby's v-neck stockinette (with one little cable on each sleeve) sweater. It's lovely, but again, this is only the end of day two.

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