Saturday, January 23, 2010

Obviously It's Not Working Out

Thing Not Working #1:
I think it has something to do with weekend exhaustion, usually eating out on Friday night, and falling asleep for 3 hours while getting Bobby to sleep, but Photo Friday, just doesn't really seem to, I don't know, happen. So, I've decided for the sake of my guilty conscience to just try every weekend to get pictures up from the week.

It won't always happen, I'm sure. Things come up. Some weeks there are no new pictures. Sometimes the camera battery is dead at that perfect little moment. Other times the things going on just aren't that picturesque (Bobby is in my biased mind pretty darned cute, but when he's stubbornly saying "no" or pitching a fit about sitting in his high chair -where he asked to be- to eat food - which he specifically picked out and opened and can't be repackaged for later- not that it happens often, of course- but I don't have enough hands to take the picture and get handle the situation. Plus it's not something I want to remember too vividly when he's older). Or, we're too busy enjoying the moment to grab the camera which is usually downstairs from the last time I tried to download pictures to put on the blog.

But, at least this way I don't have to feel bad about not getting it done on Friday night, worry about how to make up for it on Saturday, stress over adding it to my end of the weekend to-do list on Sunday, berate myself on Monday, start to get calloused towards my mean self on Tuesday, remind I should actually find the camera on Wednesday, decide Thursday is really too late to get last Friday's pictures up, and then restart he cycle again the next day.

Thing Not Working #2:
My pregnancy diet (not meaning to lose weight, but the way I eat) is not what it should be. I was really, really good with Bobby. I had no (and I mean a truly, painful at times, absence of) refined sugar for the entire first half of his pregnancy. I laugh at that with this one. I walked during his pregnancy. Not aerobically, and I started his heavier than I did Ginny's, but I made a point to walk across the rather expansive school I teach at at least twice a day everyday. I don't have that kind of "free" time at school this time around. I drank water like I should have with him, and did a bunch of other things that you should do when you're pregnant. I also took no chances at all. No deli meats, soft cheese, nothing that was on anybody's danger list. This time, she's made it so far (kicking me right now actually), but I've indulged too often in things that I don't need (but sure do enjoy). Nothing bad, no alcohol or illegal drugs, but I don't always remember my prenatal, eat my veggies, get exercise, yet do have ice cream, take naps, sit and knit, and eat kind of whatever I want (the listeria thing still freaks me out and so I've managed to mostly stay away from the deli stuff).

During my most recent prenatal visit, it showed. I've been feeling bigger (and not just baby-bigger) but the numbers were ... ... shocking. I know we had the holidays and I'm chalking some of it up to that, but I am really going to try to get this healthy pregnancy thing into gear. If this was Bobby I'd only have 15 weeks until Ginny was born. I need to be getting ready for that fun little yes-you're-exhausted-but-now's-the-time-to-go-through-one-of-the-hardest-ohysical-feats-of-your-lifetime event!

Thing Not Working #3:
Coming up with a third item. The Aristotelean in me wants there to be three... ... Our culture likes three. It feels balanced. But I can't really think of anything that's not working out.

Buttons. I'm not really into sewing on buttons...

Nope. Got nothing.

Except two finished sweaters with buttons to sew on them. (Then there will certainly be pictures!)

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Holly Jo said...

Can I let you in on a secret? I ate SUSHI with my second. I drank COFFEE with my second. He turned out okay. :) I can't believe you didn't do any refined sugar the first half with Bobby....that is amazing.